Quick & Easy Breakfast Ideas For The Busy Vegan

I don’t know about you, but I find that life is generally crazy. Between work, personal life, self-care… it’s hard to balance it all! And on top of all of that is the struggle to squeeze in a proper, nutritious breakfast in the morning to help keep me going throughout the entire day.

But, with this list I was able to compile of quick, easy, and delicious breakfast ideas, it’s now completely feasible—even for the busiest vegan.

Let’s get into it:

Avocado toast:

Sometimes you have to go with a proven hit.

Avocados + toast = LOVE!

No matter what variation, avocado toast takes next to no time, is packed with fatty acids to give you that little kick you need, and pairs beautifully with a nice cup of joe.

Check out this post on how to step up your avocado toast game for more inspiration on how to make your quick breakfasts just a little bit better.

Overnight oats:

If you haven’t heard of overnight oats yet, you are seriously missing out. The premise here is right in the name, you throw your oats and ingredients in a glass, put in the fridge overnight, and voilà! Best part is you can mix and match your flavours with ease and have a pre-made protein packed breakfast ready to go in the morning.

Try out this delicious vanilla maple walnut overnight oats recipe for a sweet start to your day, or this peanut butter infused recipe to get a bit nutty!

Protein-packed smoothies:

Another quick win in the mornings are smoothies! Super portable, super versatile, and have I mentioned super yummy? Adding some extra protein makes it all the more filling and nutritious, and depending on what you add, they can have all the nutrients you need for the day.

This vegan peanut butter chocolate protein smoothie will have you convinced you’re having dessert for breakfast.

If chocolate isn’t quite your thing, check out our recipe for this blueberry oat protein smoothie for a fruity taste.

And finally, get into a summer vibe year round with this mango green protein smoothie recipe!

You can also 10x your smoothies with a delicious smoothie bowl! Check out these yummy recipes for smoothie bowls that’ll have your mouth-watering.


Super filling and savory, scrambles are good when you’re in a rush or even sitting down to scroll through your phone. Because we’re vegan here, when I say scrambles I’m not talking the standard eggs you get when you go to restaurants (also cause eggs are gross). Instead, try one of these alternatives:

Tofu: The classic soy replacement, tofu makes for a solid breakfast and is also packed with protein to get you out the door. Try out this spicy Jamaican curry tofu scramble to get a taste yourself.

Potato: All hail the potato, the king of versatility. Is there anything it can’t do? Well this potato scramble with hot chile sauce is another one to add to the list of recipes potatoes can pull off.

Egg substitutes: Just cause eggs are disgusting, doesn’t mean their recipes are gross. Take any egg scramble recipe and substitute the egg for an easy alternative and you have yourself a much better meal! Don’t know what to substitute? Check out this guide on delicious egg substitutes to get started.


Muffins are awesome because they’re super portable, meaning if you’re REALLY running late you can grab a muffin to eat during your morning commute! Another easily customizable breakfast, they can last a couple of days which makes it the perfect meal prep item.

Try this raspberry oatmeal muffin recipe for a little bit of sweet & sour in the morning.

These strawberry oatmeal vegan bars may not be muffins, but are just as likely to keep you satisfied until lunch.

Wrapping things up:

So what do you think? Do these recipes live up to their quick timeline as promised? Let us know in the comments below!

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