Combining Tattoos and Veganism: Oliver Peck Set To Open Vegan Restaurant

So tattoos and veganism is a thing!

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Oliver Peck from Ink Master is set to open a plant-based eatery in Deep Ellum next month. His decision isn’t exactly surprising – he eats vegan along with his girlfriend, and saw a need for more plant-based cuisine in his neighborhood!

Peck is most well-known for his appearance on Ink Master, but he is also a co-owner of the very successful Elm Street Tattoo parlor in Dallas along with True Tattoo in Hollywood!

The place will be called Tiki Loco, and it will be a counter-service eatery serving smoothies, flatbreads, tacos, juices and more. They will also be partnering with a local coffee shop called White Rock Coffee, serving several of its menu items in-house.

Peck’s restaurant is joining the quickly growing Texas vegan community. Despite the stereotype of ribs and steak, Austin is one of the cities with the fastest growing vegan populations in the U.S. Even the Texas Rangers stadium recently opened up to offer vegan options for fans to snack on while watching a game. Seeing a celebrity opening up a vegan eatery in Texas is just one more step toward a growing vegan population across the States!

So keep your eye out on Peck’s restaurant and book yourself a vegan eatery trip to the south!

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