3 Surprising Reasons Why Eggs Should Be Kept Out of Your Mouth

eggsEggs have been touted as one of the best “superfoods” in the world, providing you with healthy fats and proteins, while also keeping your heart healthy and your hair shiny. For decades, people have gone along with the supposed benefits to eggs, consuming them almost religiously for breakfast, and including them in a plethora of recipes.

But are eggs really that good for you?

If you are a vegan or someone who dislikes nature’s yolks, you’ll be happy to hear that eggs really aren’t that great for you. And, as you probably already knew, the mass production of them isn’t great for the planet either.

Here are three surprising reasons why we’ve been mislead to think that eggs are one of nature’s most “perfect” foods – and why we should keep them out of our diets.

Eggs Are As Bad For You As Smoking.

A recent study done by Western University in Canada showed that regular consumption of egg yolks creates carotid plaque in your arteries, like smoking, and can increase your risk for both stroke and heart attack. And while there is still much debate around this study, we’d rather error on the side that doesn’t pose a potential risk for our bodies…

The Egg Industry Slaughters Billions of Newborn Chicks Every Year.

Each year, the global egg industry kills over 6 BILLION newborn chicks. Because the male chicks have no value to the egg industry, boy chicks are separated at birth and disposed of by means of suffocation, are ground alive, or are placed into large industrial macerators.

There’s Nothing Natural About Buying Eggs at The Store.

While many people still believe that there is “no harm” done to a chicken in order to produce eggs, the truth of the matter is that there is. Not only are female chickens often tortured on farms, because of the intense demands and genetic manipulation done to them they only survive just over a year on average in the egg industry setting. In nature or at homes, chickens will live well over a decade.

While the verdict might still officially be out on whether or not eggs are good for your health, there is absolutely no denying that the egg industry is one of the cruelest in the world. By eliminating eggs from your diet, you are not only potentially saving yourself from negative health effects, but you are undoubtedly doing your part in saving the lives of billions of innocent animals who are subjected to inhumane conditions, cruel practices, and gruesome deaths.