The Five Smoothie Bowls That Will Sweeten Even Your Toughest Mornings

Instagram feeds today are flooded with the new craze of eating your smoothies from a bowl. These mouth-watering, eye-catching, colourful smoothie bowls we all want to get our hands on and fill up our bellies with are quick and easy to throw together for a filling and tasty start to your morning.

 Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) Smoothie Bowl

Grab a pitaya, a variety of your other favorite fruits, coconut water or almond milk, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and granola and you have the makings for this colorful and deliciously filling breakfast.

 Cherry Almond Smoothie Bowl

Made with cherries, almonds, bananas, hemp seeds, cocoa nibs, oats, almond butter and more, this quick and easy to make bowl is a protein-packed breakfast option.

Mango-Kiwi-Avocado Green Smoothie Bowl

This creamy avocado bowl is filled with your favorite greens, like spinach and kiwi, along with some sweet kiwi, toasted nuts, and seeds.

Chocolate-Hazelnut Smoothie Bowl

Did you say chocolate for breakfast? If you’ve got a sweet-tooth for cocoa, this one is for you! Chocolate protein powder, raw cocoa, hazelnuts, almond milk, bananas, and sea salt make up this delicious chocolate bowl.

Vanilla Berry and Lemon Cheesecake Smoothie Bowl

Berries, coconut, lemon, almond milk – the list goes on and on! This bowl is full of a variety of delicious fruits and toppings to hit that sweet-tooth early in the morning.

Share this post with your friends. We think that everybody in your life – even the meat eaters! – will love these sweet-as-pie smoothie bowls. If you love these mornings ideas, check out Meatless Mornings, our eBook with all the plant based breakfast ideas that you need.