Gordon Ramsay Adds Impossible Burger to BSK units in Singapore & London

Gordon Ramsay Adds Impossible Burger to Menu


It looks like Gordon Ramsay is finally ready to change his views about plant-based food.

After successfully launching a vegan menu in his restaurant, Ramsay is all set to bring the Impossible Burger to his menu at Bread Street Kitchen (BSK) Singapore and London locations.  

From a business standpoint, this looks like a well-calculated move. Singapore is fast adopting a vegan-centric culture and, according to reports, the island nation’s ‘vegan activities’ have grown by 140%. The vegan population in the UK, on the other hand, has grown by 700% in just 2 years.

The Impossible Burger has been quite a rage since the time it has been launched. Their latest recipe is made using plant-based products such as soy protein, coconut oil, and binders. The magic ingredient of this recipe is hemp and the patty also “bleeds” as it would in any true meat burger.

Impossible Burger Ingredients


Sabrina Stillhart, the Executive Chef at BSK was quoted saying that the patty is “rich in flavors”, has a “unique texture”, and is “welcomed by meat-lovers”.

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