Subway Joins A Big Vegan Cause In Netherlands

The Netherlands is set to witness its annual “National Week Zonder Vlees” or “National Week Without Meat’ in March 2019. The event which is going to take place from March 11 to March 17 is the brainchild of Isabel Boerdam, founder of  De Hippe Vegetariër.

This initiative by Boerdam aims to make the Dutch nationals aware of the positive impact of eating less meat as well as educating and showing people that meatless days are possible and easy to execute.

As a part of this week, Subway Netherlands, and its 200 restaurants is set to showcase its vegan options to customers, which includes its newest offering—the Veggie Supreme sub made with a seasoned chickpea patty. This is aimed at educating customers on the benefits of vegan and plant-based food options.

According to reports, Boerdam seems excited with this development.

“Because we have joined forces, the Week Zonder Vlees now has the support of more than 200 Subway restaurants,”

Regional PR & CSR Director of Subway Europe, Marc van der Lee, said:

“We have many choices, including more and more vegetarian and vegan options. During the Week Zonder Vlees, we give our customers extra attention to these variants.”

It looks like Subway has finally given in to the growing movement around veganism and plant-based food, having attracted a lot of flak from vegan customers in the past.