News From Down Under: Balfours Bakery Launches Vegan Pies

If you’re from down under or have traveled to that part of the world, chances are you’re well-acquainted with the iconic Balfours Bakery.

Their story is quite interesting…

Launched in 1853 in Adelaide, the family business now has chains in both Adelaide and Sydney. It’s a full-fledged operation turning out delicious bakery products like pies, pastries, muffins, croissants, and other sweet and savory items each day. 

But despite being so popular, the company was missing out on a key market—the vegans. Realizing this gap, Balfours recently broke that mold with their launch of a range of vegan pies and pastries – all to commemorate 165 years of baking. 

“Balfours Bakery is adored for its square pie, footy pie, and giant sausage roll, but as consumers’ expectations and tastes change, we need to also,” Balfours Erik de Roos told 9 News

The new offering from Balfours includes curried lentil and potato pies, kale and leek pies, and roast vegetable pasties that would be sold to South Australian customers.

Apart from launching a vegan line, Balfours is also introducing a protein-rich, low-fat, high fiber pie line that’s suitable for school canteens as quoted to 9 News.

Image Source: Balfours