15 Takeaway Plant-Based Recipes That You Can Recreate At Home



There’s something about takeaway food—it’s fast, in most cases scrumptious, and for many, the ultimate definition of comfort food.

It’s great to taste— there’s no doubt about it, but what’s also true is that the food is often unhealthy. To add to the misery, there aren’t too many options if you follow a plant-based diet!

In our latest post, we are sharing 15 guilt-free plant-based version of your favorite takeaway food that you can recreate at home. So whether it’s that delicious Pad Thai or that burger that you swear by, we’ve got you covered!

Check out these fantastic recipes and let us know what you think of them.

Vegan Quinoa and Kidney Bean Burgers















Looking for a quick fix for a Friday night? This quinoa and kidney bean burger recipe is all that you need. Seasoned with cumin, red chili powder and a dash of soy, this recipe will leave you asking for more.

Cooks under 15 minutes!

Vegan Falafel Pizza















What would you get if you mix the best of Italian and Middle Eastern food? A Vegan Falafel Pizza maybe? As quirky as it may sound, this recipe brings the best of two cuisines.

Try it for that spicy harissa sauce, the goodness of bell peppers and that kick of tahini sauce.

Deep Dish Pizza Quiche









Are you a fan of deep-dish pizza like us? No offense to the thin-crusts out there, but there’s something so alluring about this deep dish pizza errr…quiche.

This unique recipe has a sweet potato crust filled with ricotta and kale and a cheesy tahini sauce.  

Easy Vegan Pad Thai















When it comes to Thai food, there’s no escaping a Pad Thai. Sweet, tangy, sour and spicy—flavors for everyone to enjoy!

With a medley of vegetables and a wonderful addition of vegan “egg” scramble, this no-frills recipe is a knockout.

Curry Laksa Soup

















Mmmm… okay. Who doesn’t love a good laksa? Creamy, spicy with the sweetness of coconut milk and veggies, this mouth-watering recipe will make you forget everything!

Perfect food to cure a hangover, a cold or melancholy in general.

Grillable Vegetable Burger















Who wants more burgers? We want!

Burgers are the ultimate comfort food and of course, nobody wants to stop at one. So here’s another quick and easy recipe to add variety to your list. Made with just 10 ingredients, this recipe makes a patty that doesn’t crumble and is easy to grill.

Perfect for parties, barbeques, and even camping.

Mushroom Veggie Tacos










Hola Mexicana! What’s a takeaway list without some Mexican food right? So here’s this delectable plant-based taco recipe with the goodness of chickpeas, chard, zucchini, and spices.

Omit or replace the cheese with a vegan option.

Heirloom Tomato Cilantro Bruschetta









Want something simple and not too elaborate. Something that’s quick to put? Then this heirloom tomato and cilantro bruschetta recipe is perfect for you.

Call your friends and we bet it will be gone in seconds.

Thai Tofu Pizza With Peanut Sauce











Yet another fusion pizza recipe, I’m hearing you say. But this recipe has all the great flavors of Thai food, is meatless and has a sauce that’s seriously the bomb! Try it.

Vegan Nasi Goreng With Ginger Tofu















Looking for a fried rice recipe that’s fit for all occasions?

Try Nasi Goreng. This ultimate street food has everything that’s needed to satiate a hungry soul—rice, tofu, veggies, and a fiery sauce.

Perfect for a mid-week dinner.

Chickpea Shawarma Sandwich















Yes, a Chickpea Shawarma is a thing! Savory and warm with the goodness of a zingy garlic sauce, here’s a recipe that’s a perfect companion for your Netflix binge.

Vegetarian Chow Mein













Is that even a thing? Believe us when we say that it is! The same authentic taste, minus the animal proteins. And the best part? This recipe uses homemade oyster sauce as a flavor enhancer.

What are you waiting for? Go try it!

Vegan Pizza Margherita










Fresh tomatoes, basil, vegan mozzarella, and a crusty base—isn’t it what dreams are made of? Like seriously?

Check out this classic recipe with a special tip to prepare vegan mozzarella.

Vegan Crack Chilli Tofu Noodle Bowl















Noodle-y goodness combined with the ultimate spicy, sweet and tangy crispy tofu recipe.

Who can ignore a combination like this, anyway?

Daal Makhani









If you enjoy plant-based recipes chances are that you have diaries filled with Indian recipes. Here’s another one to add to your list. This recipe with black lentils and kidney beans is the ultimate comfort food.

Pair it with a slice of naan bread or even plain simple rice.

There you have it — 15 takeaway plant-based recipes that you can recreate at home! Same great taste, but definitely a notch up health wise.

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