Veganism has taken Canada by storm!

Canada is slowly becoming a vegan country!

According to a research from Dalhousie University, more than 3 million Canadians are now either vegetarian or vegan. That’s 10% of Canada’s population!

Not only that, but a substantial amount of the people who said they were vegan were under the age of 35, meaning that number is bound to go up as time goes on. The thought here is veganism will be continued on as vegan people start families and raise children to eat vegan.

If you happen to live in British Columbia or Ontario, where you can find some of the top restaurants, you’re even more likely to run into a fellow vegan!

This increase in the vegan community has been pressuring restaurants and food producers, primarily meat producers, to come up with alternate approaches.

According to the survey, the primary concern for Canadians switching to veganism is animal welfare. A lot of fast food restaurants seem to have caught on to this, with A&W releasing their Beyond Burger and others continuing to make their menus more vegan friendly!

With the increase in veganism, along with animal testing soon becoming illegal in the country, Canada is on the right path to becoming completely vegan! Other concerns were the rising price of beef and meat, environmental concerns and personal health, so it’s no wonder more people are finally switching to the vegan lifestyle.

So meat producers in Canada, beware! Canada is on a mission to put you out of business through veganism.

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