Canada Is Making Testing on Animals Illegal

Canada is about to board the animal testing ban train! Whoo-whoo!

Yes, you heard right! Canada just passed a bill called the Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act, which bans all animal testing, along with the sale or manufacturing of products tested on animals (sorry Sephora!). Once approved by the House of Commons, the Act will become the law for all cosmetic companies in the country!

This change comes after years of petitioning the government to amend laws to make animal testing illegal. Thousands of people have signed it and it finally got passed on to the government.

There are a bunch of Canadian companies that were petitioning and that have long-ago banned animal testing, like Lush and The Body Shop, but this bill is a huge step forward for Canadian cosmetic companies.

With countries like Norway, India, Israel, and the entire European Union all banning animal testing, it’s about time Canada jumped on board.

This also means that this could be the end of companies in Canada complying with animal testing practices in place elsewhere. For example, M.A.C. cosmetics is forced to undergo animal testing when selling in China (along with all other cosmetic companies that sell there), but under this bill, those companies would, in theory, be banned in Canada! This is an enormous step towards making the rest of the world cruelty-free!

With all these countries switching to cruelty-free cosmetics, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be seeing strictly cruelty-free cosmetics wherever you go!

Now there’s one more reason to call Canadians polite, eh?