A&W Introduces New Vegan Beyond Burger

Another fast food giant joins the green team!

A&W announced and released their Beyond Burger in Canada. The base of the patty is formed with pea protein. There’s also coconut oil to make it juicy, and a little beet juice to add to the “meat” effect. This 100% plant based burger has already proven to be a hit with vegans across the board.

It’s actually so popular in Canada that there’s a nation-wide Beyond Burger shortage!

The fast food chain has already been vegetarian-friendly with their Veggie Deluxe burger, but adding the Beyond Burger takes it to another level! Instead of a traditional mixed veggie and portobello patty, it includes a medley of plant-based ingredients, from peas and mung beans to pomegranate and beets! The main draw of the new burger is how juicy they made it! It’s a whole new level of vegan fast food.

The Veggie Deluxe could already have been made vegan with a lettuce bun, no sauce and no cheese, but it’s nice to have a burger designed for vegans, and one that tastes so good!

You can have the Beyond Burger with a lettuce bun if you’re on a health kick, but just make sure to hold the sauces (those are, sadly, still not vegan).

So what do you think? Going to race north and pick up a few burgers? Let us know in the comments below!

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