World Race Car Champ is Urging Others To Become Vegan

The vegan word has spread to the racing circuits!

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Lewis Hamilton, the race car champion, recently went on his social media to spread an animal-rights message following his win at the German Grand Prix. On his Instagram story, he shared a video of slaughterhouse footage, with a caption urging his fans to go plant-based.

He even credited his Grand Prix win with his new plant-based diet! He changed his Instagram bio to include “Plant Based Diet”, along with “Love Animals”. What’s even crazier is he has almost 7 million followers on Instagram, meaning tons of people got to hear and see the truth behind the meat industry. Good on him!

The change came about after Hamilton watched the documentary “What the Health”, which shocked him into making the change to a plant-based diet. And after he made the switch, he claimed he could never go back to eating meat.

Since this post, he has added a series of delicious looking plant-based foods to his story (along with shirtless photos showing off his sculpted abs to drive home the point). He’s truly becoming a vegan icon, continuing to speak on the benefits of veganism to his fans!

Cheers to you, Lewis!

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