7 Designers That Make Vegan Shoes

Shoes are a very important item in my daily wardrobe. My closet is filled to the brim with anything from sandals to winter boots to heels. So when I go shopping, I tend to go shoe shopping for even more shoes to match my wardrobe.

Even when I was younger, I avoided non-vegan clothing at all costs — faux-leather was my life! So once I started getting more into shoes, it only made sense to do my research into vegan shoes designers, which is exactly what I’m sharing with you today!

No matter your style, here are 7 vegan shoe designers to fill your shoe closet!

Mink Shoes

This is the Italian shoe company that’s rivaling Jimmy Choo and the likes with stylish Italian designs that are all vegan! Known as the first luxury vegan shoe collection, their line of heels will have people stopping and complimenting your stylish new kicks!


Looking for some vegan suede? Look no further than Veerah. No matter what heel style you prefer, you better bet that Veerah has it in rich colors.

Stella McCartney

I’ll preface by saying I have at least one of every item in Stella McCartney’s fashion line. They’re all vegan fabrics and look stunning! For shoes, you can have your pick from wedges to sneakers to match every outfit.

Ivana Basilotta

Want some quirky, out-of-the-box statement shoes? Ivana Basilotta is the designer for you. Stunning retro yet futuristic shoe designs are both comfortable and stylish, and make a perfect statement item in your wardrobe.

Nemanti Shoes

For all the business vegans, Nemanti shoes are the perfect shoes to compliment your suit collection. Sleek heels and boots for the women or stunning vegan leather oxfords for the men, this Italian shoe label is perfect for everyone.

Sydney Brown

This shoe line has an unique line of chunkier style shoes, from unique rainbow sheen fabrics to cut out sneakers that are bound to be the talk of the town.

Matt & Nat

You can’t be vegan and not have heard of Matt & Nat. Although primarily known for bags and handbags, they have an equally awesome footwear line! Labelled depending on your living style, you can be sure to find the perfect shoe for you.

Looking for more reasons and tips to make the transition to veganism? We have a resource on how to make the transition even easier! Check it out and order the FREE guide today: How To Successfully Transition to a Plant-Based Diet. Happy living!