Why Matcha Tea Is The Key To Your Success

As a lover of all things tea, I take it very seriously. My pantry could double for a tea shop and tea time is more of a ritual than anything else. But the king of my tea shop? It’s definitely matcha!

Matcha tea is incredibly healthy, but what you may not know is that matcha tea is the key to your success, in both your work and personal life!

What exactly is matcha tea? To put it simply, it’s a more concentrated version of green tea. Instead of steeping tea leaves in hot water, matcha is ground up leaves that are mixed into the water, making it a bit thicker and smoother than your typical cup. It has a sweeter flavor than your typical green tea, but the taste is fairly similar.

If you want the short version, matcha tea is a more powerful version of green tea when it comes to health benefits, but I prefer to get into the longer version…

Here’s exactly why matcha tea is the key to your success.

Weight Loss

Matcha tea is filled ECGC, which is linked to weight loss. Green tea has a small amount of the antioxidant, but matcha has up to 3 times the amount making it much more effective. It also speeds up your metabolism, especially during exercise, so make sure to have a cup before you hit the gym to make it even more effective.


Not only does matcha tea have ECGC, it has 5 times more antioxidants than most other food! One cup of the tea could be the secret to better skin, preventing negative effects of UV radiation, and helping prevent many other illnesses. All of this means you can take less sick days and better enjoy your life!


Forget those weird pills that you see on 2 AM infomercials; matcha is also a natural detox. It can help clear out heavy metals and toxins while it cleanses your liver. While doing so, it also fortifies your immune system with enough potassium, vitamin A & C, iron, protein and calcium to keep you strong and healthy every day!

Mood Enhancer

Matcha tea also helps keep you focused. Green tea has naturally occurring caffeine (or theine), but matcha is a concentrated version which means you get more of a kick. The best part is matcha has a natural stabilizer of sorts, called L-theanine, which helps you get the caffeine high without having the crash that comes later. Matcha tea also helps you relax, meaning you can focus on what matters rather than stressing over everything.

Matcha is an all in one powerhouse of health benefits that you NEED in your pantry at all times!

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