Burberry Is Ditching Fur and Angora!

Get ready to start buying Burberry again (for those not on a university budget!).


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The British design company Burberry has officially announced they will no longer be using fur or angora in any of their products!

Both fabrics were used extensively in the past, so cutting them out is going to make a big impact in the fashion community. And they’re not the only ones! Burberry is joining the ranks of Armani, Versace, Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood, who are all banning fur and angora from their collections as well.

A huge step for British fashion, which not even ten years ago heavily relied on furs in their clothes, which quite obviously disregards all animal rights and is unnecessarily cruel. The removal of fur from such a huge number of very influential fashion designers is a big step towards a fur free future!

Although they’ve been urged to drop fur in the past by the Humane Society International UK, they finally got rid of it due to fast declining sales of fur paraphernalia. The brand is also slowly phasing out past fur collections and will not be releasing any fur products in their next clothing release on September 17th.

They’ve also pledged to not burn anymore unsold goods in an attempt to become more environmentally friendly. They used to burn them in a bid to make sure to stop “the wrong people buying their range”.

What do you think? Would you consider buying Burberry now that they’ve made these changes to their operations? Let us know in the comment below!

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