TGI Fridays Just Rolled Out A New Vegan Burger But There’s One Catch

On Wednesday, TGI Fridays announced it would be adding a new plant-based burger to the burger bar of nearly 500 locations across US locations in the new year.

The restaurant has partnered with vegan meat company, Beyond Meat, to create The Beyond Burger. The burger is made with a quarter-pound patty that offers 20 grams of protein per serving.

What makes this burger unique is how closely it replicates a typical beef burger. It even drips a realistic looking beet juice!

People were initially thrilled by the announcement; that is, until one Reddit user posed an important question…

This sparked a discussion about how difficult it can be to find specialty breads that are egg- and milk-free. Even gluten-free burger buns cannot be guaranteed to be 100% vegan.  

Asking to hold the cheese and mayo is already a reality that many vegan eaters are used to facing when they want to enjoy a meal out, but now the question is, “Do I also need to bring my own bun?”

According to TGI Fridays’ menu, the restaurant offers a “green-style” bun option alongside their challah and gluten-free options, at no extra cost.

Now what that entails is not quite clear; whether it’s a patty with no bun or one sandwiched between two lettuce leaves, such as the veggie burger option below from BurgerFi, remains to be determined.

While we’ll have to wait until the new year to know for sure whether or not this is a slam-dunk for the vegan community, it’s exciting times ahead as more and more restaurants continue to make headway in the animal-free market.

If you can’t wait until 2018 to enjoy this meat-like experience, we suggest you try the similarly-crafted Impossible Burger that has quickly been gaining traction and can be found in several different restaurants across the nation!

And if fake meat’s not your thing, you can try something different and download our FREE Plant-Based Guide For Gainz, a protein-rich recipe guide packed with fine post-workout eats to keep you feeling stronger and healthier all day long: