Finally, Pizza Hut Is Taking Care Of Its Vegan Pizza Lovers

We vegans know how tough it is to go without pizza. Don’t you hate when you’re at a party and somebody says “Let’s order pizza!” and you have to sit quietly in the corner, not letting others know how much you want some? Maybe it’s just me.

Pizza Hut is making my party-going, pizza-loving dreams come true. They just announced that they will be having a trial of vegan cheese pizza in select locations! They are using Violife cheese which is totally delicious and 100 percent vegan.

Time for the bad news: this announcement is only for Pizza Hut shops in the United Kingdom where there is a stronger market for vegan products. There are over half a million vegans in Britain, an increase of over 350 percent over the last ten years. Meanwhile in the US, only 6 percent of us are vegan. Easy access to delicious pizza is just one more reason why more people need to start living a vegan lifestyle.

For the time being, did you know that you can order customizable pizza without cheese and load it with vegetables? Their crust and marinara sauce is vegan, and of course all vegetable toppings are fair game too. They have a great allergen guide which will filter out any animal products you wish to avoid.

Pizza Hut offers gluten free pizza, so if you are avoiding both gluten and animal products, their pizza crust might be just what you need. However, their pizza is not safe for somebody with celiac disease or a severe gluten intolerance to consume due to cross contamination.

If you’re still feeling indulgent, you’ve got to check out their vegan cinnamon sticks. This isn’t a new addition to their menu, but many people don’t actually know about it! They smell insanely good and totally remind me of childhood.

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