20 Reasons Why Becoming Vegan Will Make Your Life More Awesome


On the fence about embracing veganism?

Not sure if veganism is something you should embrace?

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been asking people on our Facebook page why they became vegan and what they feel are the biggest benefits. Some of the answers we expected but a few of them caught us off guard. Whether you agree with all or just some of the items on this list, there’s no question that a plant based diet can help you live a more awesome life.

Here are 20 reasons why becoming a vegan is the best decision you’ll ever make…

  1. You’ll stop animals from being exploited
  2. You’ll have more energy
  3. Your skin will look better … it will GLOW
  4. You’ll be less likely to develop obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer
  5. You’ll dramatically reduce your carbon footprint
  6. You’ll be taking better care of the planet – not just animals
  7. You’ll help to save endangered species from extinction (meat production = deforestation = lost habitats = lost species)
  8. You’ll be doing your part to make sure EVERYONE on the planet gets the food they need
  9. You’ll be doing more than vegetarians by taking a stand against the egg and dairy industries
  10. You’ll actually save money on your food, which means you’ll have more to do all the other awesome things you love
  11. On average, you’ll be saving the lives of over 50 animals each year
  12. You will still get to enjoy the world’s best grilled cheese sandwiches and cupcakes (even in non-vegan competitions, vegan chefs are kicking butt and taking names!)
  13. You’ll reduce the likelihood of consuming antibiotics and hormones (YUCK! … and super dangerous)
  14. You’ll give your immune system a huge boost (say goodbye to the common cold!)
  15. You’ll have more endurance, less “sluggishness” and more focused energy
  16. You’ll smell better naturally (think breath and armpits)
  17. Your digestion will improve
  18. You’ll meet an awesome community of other vegans (and share recipes, too!)
  19. You’ll be less achy and experience less muscle pain (uric acid and lactic acid produced as a by-product of your body consuming meat causes your muscles to recover slower)
  20. Your sex drive will be amazing