Vegan Impossible Burgers Is Now Being Sold On Flights

Veganism has just been taken to new heights!

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The vegan Impossible Burger is now being sold on Air New Zealand Flights on their Los Angeles to Auckland route! This means a lot more green is about to be entering our blue skies above.

They are the first airlines to include a vegan burger on their in-flight menu. They’re healthier, safer to eat, and are probably 10x better than all other in-flight food anyway. Air New Zealand is also a proud supporter of environmental sustainability, even winning New Zealand’s top sustainability award.

As a country rich with biodiversity, not to mention being a legitimate ecological goldmine, making this kind of burger for airlines makes complete sense. Burgers like this reduce land needed by up to 75%, reduce water intake, and are just better for our health and the health of the environment overall. So congrats to Air New Zealand for helping the environment as well as providing tasty treats for their vegan customers!

New Zealand also has a fairly large vegan population, so it makes sense for the first vegan flight menus to come from one of their local airlines.

Get ready to book your next flight out to Auckland!

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