Two Doctors Are Transforming The Lives Of Their Patients With The Help Of A Plant-Based Diet

Not long ago, Beverly Legge was battling medical and mobility issues, all thanks to poor eating and lifestyle choices. Her health was so poor that Legge, who’s a school teacher, exhausted all her sick leaves and had to go on long-term disability. 

But all that changed when she met Dr. Arjun Rayapudi and Dr. Shobha Rayapudi— co-founders of the Gift of Health organization. Through workshops and potlucks, they help champion the benefits of plant-based food in the Burin Peninsula, Canada. 

Flash forward to today, Legge is now down 75 pounds (from 251 pounds) and can move around without much pain. But Legge is not alone. She’s amongst 300 people who have adopted a plant-based diet and eliminated meat from their diets after attending the workshops offered by this doctor duo. 

So How Did it All Began For The Rayapudis?

It started in 2011 when the Rayalpudis moved to Burin—a small town with a population of 2500 in Newfoundland in Canada. The Raypudis, who are both doctors, observed that that the clinic saw a huge influx of patients from the very beginning- with over 80% of them suffering from hypertension, diabetes and heart conditions. 

We are seeing a large number of people in our practices that are suffering — people suffering from preventable diseases – Dr. Arjun Rayapudi

It’s then that they decided to start up these workshops with a focus on plant-based food. The patients were instructed to abstain from meats of all kinds, as well as dairy, and instead, stick to minimally processed plant-based options and fats. 

But that’s not where the Rayalpudis stopped. Apart from providing a venue for a monthly plant-based potluck (their home), they also took upon themselves to educate their patients about the ill-effects of a meat-based diet by sharing research papers with them. They’ve also formed a Facebook group for people who are interested in a plant-based diet where they routinely share their events, success stories and thoughtful content around plant-based diets. 

We’re giving them skills that they need to make … a sustained change – Dr. Arjun Rayapudi

What Worked For The Patients?

The Raylpudis took local cuisine and plantified it, rather than getting their patients to drastically change their eating patterns. This ensured that they could still enjoy eating what they knew—but a much healthier version of these dishes. 

The end result has been a fascinating one for both the patients and the Rayalpudis. There are many other patients who are on the road to recovery thanks to this amazing plant-based program. 

Plant-Based Diet Is The Future 

Health disorders due to poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle have become all too common. 

Think of it: obesity, cancer, high cholesterol, diabetes…

All of these diseases are widespread and can be controlled by cleaner food choices—numerous studies and success stories like those of the Rayalpudis are proof enough. It’s safe to say that plant-based diets are the future and that it’s a better option for us all.

Living a plant-based lifestyle is one of the best things you could possibly do for yourself, and we want you armed with the right tools. Check out our guide on transitioning into a plant-based diet today.