Subway Launches New Vegan “Steak” Sandwich!

And Finland does it again!

After McDonald’s launched its McVegan during the final quarter of 2017, the country is kicking off the new year with another precious gift to the world:

A vegan “steak” sandwich…

This country is seriously turning into vegan paradise!

As announced by Metro UK, the sandwich, called Vegan Delight, is made up of a soy-based patti containing 44% vegetables, including red onion, red pepper, green pepper, carrot, spinach, corn and pea. Garlic, white pepper and green chili add the finishing touches to this “spicy vegan steak patty”.

As with any other sub, you can customize it to your liking with veggies and sauce (multiple vegan options available).

While we’re sad to report this sub has not made its way to any U.S. menus YET, we are hopeful.

Actually, we can’t be accused of completely dragging our feet; just a few years back Subway launched the Black Bean and Malibu Garden sandwiches in a few locations stateside. Not sure what ever happened to those…

Yes, for now we’ll have to stick with the tried and true Veggie Delight.

Evan though it’s not as exciting, there are a fair amount of options to create a sub to your liking at your nearest Subway. Keep these vegan-friendly breads and sauces in mind and try mixing things up from your regular order:


  • Italian (white)
  • Hearty Italian
  • Roasted Garlic
  • Sourdough
  • 9 Grain Wheat (contains honey)
  • Wrap


  • Buffalo Sauce
  • Yellow Mustard
  • Brown Mustard
  • Oil Vinegar
  • Subway Vinaigrette
  • Sweet Onion Sauce
  • Guacamole

Subway is just the latest in a body of chains delivering us vegans with more and more options. Unfortunately, a lot of these announcements are happening just out of our reach— and by just out of our reach, I mean you need to hop a boat and catch a plane to make it happen, but hey, at least there’s progress being made and that’s the silver lining.    

Just last month on this side of the pond Red Robin announced their new veggie/vegan burger, keeping pace with TGI Fridays’ launch in December. So c’mon, Subway! Bring us the spice!

Until then…

Moving to Europe— catch ya later!

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