Best Vegan Restaurants Around the World

I absolutely love traveling. Exploring new cultures, seeing gorgeous architecture (both natural and manmade) and, most importantly, exploring the local cuisines. And living a plant-based lifestyle seems to actually be a benefit for the most part, as some of the best vegan restaurants are spread across the world and sadly are not down the street, giving more of an opportunity for exploration.

Vegan restaurants have always been a weak point for me. The foodie in me loves experimenting with new flavors and foods, and vegan cuisine is just the best for that! However, the cook in me is also incapable of cooking such meals, so I resort to going out and trying as many different vegan cuisines as possible, which is even better when travelling globally and trying vegan cuisine around the world (well it’s great for everything but my wallet, but what can you do!).

So it’s about time I combined my top two favorite things ever to make a master list of the top vegan restaurants around the world! Take a look:

Anastasia – Tel Aviv, Israel

When you think vegan, your mind doesn’t exactly jump to Israel. But if you’re in search for a vegan café that will serve you unique and delicious breakfast items, look no further than Anastasia in Tel Aviv.

Although Tel Aviv is world-renown for vegan cheeses, the city doesn’t jump out on a list of vegan cities. But Anastasia is here to change that for good.

This café is busy for a reason, as it’s been voted the best vegan restaurant in Tel Aviv, not only for the food but the experience. A blogger who visited the restaurant referred to each meal as a “multi-layered experience”, taking all the senses into account and leaving every visitor satisfied.

If you can’t get enough, the café also has a specialty shop where you can grab cheeses and other goodies to take home and continue the experience.

Edamame Vegan Sushi – Warsaw, Poland

Another pick from the unexpected combination box, vegan sushi! Trust me when I say you won’t need fish to enjoy this experience. Finally a place that satiates every vegan who’s ever been to a sushi restaurant.

Even if you’re bringing someone along who’s more fish inclined and trying out a plant-based diet, the strange but delicious sushi combinations will be sure to leave both of you full and happy.

A nice zen environment prepares you to stuff yourself to the brim with radish, enoki, eggplant, and sugar snap peas all wrapped in purple rice. As a fan of sushi myself, the rolls here only make me appreciate the cuisine even more!

Bonus: Poland is actually a very cheap place to travel if you’re on a tight budget, and even a restaurant as unique as this isn’t much of a splurge!

Portershed – Christchurch, New Zealand

A cafe tucked away in the land down under! With breakfast and lunch and a ton of pastries, Portershed is here to say that vegan cuisine can be found everywhere and it’s tasty wherever you go.

Now, traditional New Zealand cuisine doesn’t exactly favor vegans, but Portershed uses this as an excuse to make delicious vegan versions of classic Kiwi dishes.

With mouth-watering baked goods and enough tea and coffee to keep your cup filled for as long as you need, this cafe is a must on your vegan travel list.

T’s Tantan – Tokyo, Japan

While in Tokyo, make sure to check out this restaurant which is famous for its vegan ramen, cause who doesn’t love a good ramen bowl?!

Not in a ramen mood? Don’t worry, there’s more than enough salads, curries, and traditional Japanese cuisine to please everyone!

The concept of the restaurant is a new food culture they call “Smile Veg”, which is all about balancing health and taste in every dish and is meant to stimulate all five senses (a common theme in vegan restaurants).

Every dish is packed full of veggies and nutrients, and T’s a quick and cheap lunch or dinner while exploring the city! It’s also easy to bring even the most skeptical eater to the restaurant, as most of the food is catered towards people making the shift to plant-based cuisine with meat alternatives and other flavourful techniques.

Gauthier Soho – London, United Kingdom

Although it may be in London, you can still grab a taste of France at Gauthier Soho, the winner of Best Vegan Menu from PETA itself.

This restaurant is not for the casual diner, but rather classes up vegetables into luxurious appetizers and meals, such as Calico Globe Artichoke with bergamot, lemon & capers, roasted hazelnut and topped with a vegan mustard vinaigrette (I wasn’t kidding about the luxurious part).

This initially only vegetarian restaurant made the switch for the PETA international vegan month back in 2015, and the Michelin Star chef himself made the switch as well. Let’s just say that the response has since been overwhelmingly positive.

On top of everything, you can have the restaurant cater for weddings, so you can have a classy vegan wedding where not even the fussiest carnivore will complain about the food.

Millenium – Oakland, CA

This one is, perhaps, not in the most exotic location, but if what you’re craving is farm-fresh, local, vegan cuisine, look no further than Millenium.

The awards speak for themselves—Huffington Post, The DailyMeal and Tastemade have all given the restaurant glowing reviews on the plant- and grain-based menu. With a mixed menu ranging from light and sweet to savory and filling, the menu caters towards omnivores and vegans alike.

The rustic interior matches the rustic fresh food, and California is the perfect place to enjoy an outdoor patio while sipping on delicious vegan drinks and cocktails.

Tian – Vienna, Austria

This is not a restaurant for the faint-hearted. If you’re ready to take your vegan cuisine exploration to a level you can’t even fathom, it’s time you checked out Tian. One of the few Michelin star vegetarian/vegan restaurants in the world, the focus is not on large meals but rather several course tasters that’ll leave you wanting more.

This restaurant is also one of the most recommended plant-based restaurants in the world, but that recommendation comes with a hefty price tag! That said, the food is worth it; just a quick glance at the menu will convince you.

Quick heads-up: The restaurant is primarily vegetarian, but most of the plates can be made vegan without any issue!

Bonus suggestion: If you’re interested in strictly vegan, check out Veggiezz! Their menu includes one of the best carrot-ginger soups I’ve had in my life and vegan wine that’ll put all other vineyards to shame.

Chau Veggiexpress – Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is well-known for its delicious and experimental restaurants, and Chau Veggiexpress blends in beautifully. As someone who adores Asian cuisine, it always frustrates me that there’s almost no vegan pho anywhere. Thankfully, this restaurant remedies that with a menu inspired by Vietnamese cuisine and culture

Whether you’re interested in a soup or just a bowl, every dish is a colorful array of fresh veggies and Vietnamese inspired sauces and spices. But Chau’s brings a twist to every dish, whether with a lychee-date broth, or throwing pickled daikon and coconut into one bowl. Each plate is sure to keep your taste buds intrigued and happy.

With two separate locations, you can enjoy this along the docks of Granville Island or check out the East Vancouver location.

Plant – Seoul, Korea

Although the original location may be in Itaewon, it’s the downtown Seoul location that boasts a fantastic array of plates from every cuisine.

The founder of the original restaurant didn’t just want traditional Korean fare with a vegan flare. Instead, she used her travels as the inspiration behind her cooking to create a wide assortment of international dishes, from burrito bowls to African peanut stew.

Make sure not to leave this place without a treat, as the cakes are the main feature of the entire restaurant with all of them on display to make your decision just a little bit more difficult. Or you could always get them all—that works too!

Candle 79 – New York City, NY

It’s time to bring it back to the center of the world, well at least to Manhattanites! Fine-dining is the name of the game, and Candle 79 is fighting for gold!

You won’t find any typical vegan fare on this menu, as each item comes with a twist only the Big Apple can pull off. Looking for spaghetti? You’ll find a spaghetti and wheatballs, with a truffle tomato sauce! Feeling a savory crêpe? A delectable root vegetable and wild mushroom crêpe topped with garlic truffle aioli should fix that craving. You get the gist. This place is vegan dining on steroids.

Oh, and don’t forget to wash all of these down with some fancy-but-delicious drinks, including the Fountain of Youth (I’m going by the menu so don’t blame me if it doesn’t work).

And they have vegan brunches on Saturday and Sunday so you can live out a Manhattan lifestyle all day long!


And there we have it! Now obviously I can’t fit every vegan restaurant in the world on this list, but this should give a little sample to inspire your next plant-based trip!

But what do you think? What’s your favorite vegan restaurant in the world? Let us know in the comments below!