Plants that Boost Your Libido: Why Vegans Have More Fun

Need a boost in the bedroom? We’ve heard that diet and exercise are factors for increasing your sex drive, but plant-based foods specifically can kick things in to gear for you and your partner. Increasing orgasms, blood flow to the genitalia, lubrication…the list goes on!

Tribulus Terrestris is an herb that is great for reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. But, it is also been known to give women a greater sex drive. On top of increasing arousal and lubrication, tribulus terrestris allows for more frequent and greater orgasms and stimulates receptors in the brain that make the body more responsive to sex hormones.

Turnera diffusa, or damiana, is responsible for increasing blood flow to the pelvic area and genitalia, directly leading to heightened stimulation. This herb can be ingested by using the leaves in a tea.

Suma root has been scientifically proven to increase levels of estradiol-17beta – the primary estrogen hormone – leading to more intense sexual experiences and greater satisfaction for women.

Tongkat Ali is Dr. Oz approved as the greatest natural aphrodisiac. In extract form, this herb can increase arousal desire and erogenous sensitivity.

Muira Puama is also known for increasing blood flow to the pelvis area to increase satisfaction. It can be taken by the spoonful in liquid form.

I bet no one has ever told you to eat more plants for more fun in the bedroom!

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