The Perfect Matcha Latte

Matcha Green Tea not only gives you that morning caffeine boost, it also comes packed with good-for-you nutrients! Matcha is rich in fibre, antioxidants and chlorophyll which is great for liver detoxification! Today we’re sharing our favourite matcha latte recipe that you can make at home. This recipe is highly customizable to your taste preference, the most important ingredient is a high quality matcha powder.

It’s matcha time!


1 tsp matcha powder

1 tbsp maple syrup (or other sweetener of choice)

1 tbsp hot water

3/4 cup coconut milk

3/4 cup almond milk


Add your matcha, sweetener, and hot water into your mug

Use a whisk to dissolve the matcha powder. A bamboo whisk is ideal when working with matcha as its gentle on the powder andĀ helps to fully dissolve it in the hot water. If you don’t have a bamboo whisk, don’t worry! You can use a metal whisk or even a fork.

Heat your plant based milks over the stove top until warm. If your want a little froth on the milk, use your whisk while heating.

Pour your plant based milk over your matcha and enjoy!

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