Pizza Pizza Adds Plant-Based Proteins to the Menu

More plant-based options are coming to Canadians! And this time, they can be found at your local pizzeria.

Pizza Pizza, one of the country’s well-known pizza restaurants, has just released a new pizza, and its catered toward those who like to veg out!

The Super Plant Pizza is the first pizza on their menu that features plant-based protein toppings. While you can customize it, the original recipe includes: tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, Yves Veggie Cuisine pepperoni and Field Roast Grain Meat Co. plant-based chorizo crumble. Or for the full vegan experience, customers have the option of ordering it with vegan cheese!

You can also get the new pizza made up on any crust you want, including cauliflower!

“The pizza landscape in Canada is continuously evolving and we have always been an innovation leader at the forefront,” said Pizza Pizza CEO, Paul Goddard. “The launch of the Super Plant Pizza with our plant-based protein options is an exciting moment in our brand history and one that we are very proud of. We will continue to create flexible options to suit all dietary preferences as we look to the future.”

The plant-based protein options have been made possible through a partnership with Yves Veggie Cuisine and Field Roast Grain Meat Co. Both of these brands are popular within the plant-based protein industry.

“Most people personalize their pizza and consumers want options; that’s something we’ve continually offered consumers, putting quality and great taste at the forefront of introducing new options,” said Alyssa Huggins, Vice President, Marketing. “With the launch of the Super Plant Pizza and the plant-based protein options we are responding to our customers’ ever-changing needs, namely the flexitarian movement, but also growth in consumers identifying as vegan or vegetarian.”

The new pizza is now available at Pizza Pizza locations across Canada!