Del Taco to Launch ‘Beyond Meat Tacos’ Starting April 25

More great news for vegans in the United States: Not long after Burger King launched its ‘Impossible Whopper’; Del Taco has announced that it will start serving vegan tacos made with Beyond Meat soy-based ‘beef’ crumbles.

The new menu item will arrive on April 25th. While the taco itself normally comes with cheese (meaning it will only be vegetarian at first glance), a vegan option is available as the menu item will allow you to swap out the cheese for, wait for it…. EXTRA AVOCADO.

You will also be able to swap out any beef item on their menu for the Beyond Meat alternative.

“Definitely there’s a sense that there’s a movement going on that’s much bigger than any one company,” Ethan Brown, CEO of Beyond Meat, told Vox Media last week. “I think competition is good — it helps to grow awareness of the sector.”

The Beyond Meat Taco will be available in all 580 Del Taco locations across the United States starting April 25th.