Breaking: Bill Gates Backing Silicon Valley’s Memphis Meats

Lab grown vegan “meat” is surging in popularity right now, though it is a controversial subject in vegan circles. Although those who live a plant based diet or a vegan diet try to avoid all types of meat products, everybody can agree that any action to protect animal lives and be more environmentally sustainable is good progress.

Memphis Foods Meatball, 2016.

Memphis Meats is a Silicon Valley startup founded by Mayo Clinic trained cardiologist Uma Valeti, Nicholas Genovese, and Will Clem. They are dedicated to developing a way to produce realistic tasting meat from animal cells, without the need to feed, breed and slaughter actual animals. Their products are more diversified than the Impossible Burger and they offer chicken, duck, and beef grown directly from animal cells.

On August 23, Memphis Meats announced that they have now “gained the support of a groundbreaking group of investors” including Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Kimbal Musk, and Cargill Foods.

Memphis Meat’s “clean meat” project was borne out of the “innovative spirit of Silicon Valley and the rich food traditions of the American south” and to use technology to shift global eating habits. They believe that their products reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90 percent compared to the production emissions of meat from conventional slaughterhouses. Conventional meat production uses one third of Earth’s fresh water and land surface in addition to also generating nearly one fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions.

Don’t get too excited. It’s currently selling for $18,000 a pound. Hopefully with the new support from big time investors, Memphis Meats will be able to offer the meat for a much lower price.

Memphis Foods Meatball, 2016.

Note: We published an article a few weeks back on the Impossible Burger and how it received $75 million in funding from leaders in the tech industry to manufacture the world’s first meatless burger. Memphis Meats has a similar mission statement to Impossible Foods’ beef burger, but they are offering more diverse options including duck, chicken, and beef.

We totally understand those who aren’t interested in consuming products made from any animal source. You can (and should!) get most, if not all, of your protein from plant based sources. Download our free recipe guide here which has everything you need to know about recipes which prioritize plant based protein.