Ditch The Leather For These Five Vegan Wallets

Although buying a new wallet might seem low on your priority list, it can make a big difference in your life. Think about it. It’s worthwhile to invest in quality products for items that you use every single day. You carry your wallet everywhere you go. It should reflect your lifestyle, and if you’re a vegan, it can be tough to find an eco-friendly and cruelty free wallet that remains functional and fashionable!

These five vegan wallets are our favourite options on the market right now. They would make a great gift for a man in your life or simply for yourself. Even though we’ve included options for every budget, you won’t go wrong with any of these choices.

Minimalist Super-Thin Paper Wallet in Sahara Camel, Sidonie Yang, $74

This wallet is made by a Canadian designer who is dedicated to making beautiful vegan accessories. The wallet is made from washable paper which is biodegradable and eco-friendly. It is reinforced, light, tough, wear resistant, and washable and if cared for, will last for years.

Rubben in Chilli, Matt & Nat, $60

This bi-fold wallet has enough compartments to hold all of your essentials, but not enough to be bulky or uncomfortable to keep in your back pocket. It is made from luxurious vegan leather which gets softer and more supple with time, just like leather without the cost of using animal products.

Roy Wallet in Light Khaki Crosshatch, Herschel Supply Co., $29

If you’re looking for something different while staying stylish, this is the perfect wallet for you. It is vegan but doesn’t try to replicate the look of leather. Instead, it is constructed from high quality fabric and stylish small details like a signature striped fabric liner. The wallet also has RFID protection for your credit cards. At $29, it is a perfectly ethical, affordable, and fashionable choice!

Classic Corkor Vegan Wallet in Dark Brown, $39

Corkor’s vegan wallets are not only completely vegan, they ship to your house for free in eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging. The wallet is constructed from cork, a natural material, and has a slim and minimal design. It is a perfect balance of form and function.

Classic Black Vegan Wallet, Couch, $22

This heavy duty vegan wallet will stand up to any task you need. It is well made and well priced, especially considering it is made by hand in Couch’s California workshop. We love this wallet as a a cruelty free and sweatshop free option to replace your old worn leather wallet.

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