Six Plant Based Blogs Every Human Should Already Be Following

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The best plant based blogs make you want to come back again and again.

These five (our favorites) need to be bookmarked today. Not only are the recipes out of this world, you will love the photography and people behind the blog too.

Pickles & Honey

This site has some of the best vegan recipes you will find. Not to mention, their photographer, Aaron, takes some of the best food pictures too. There is an abundance of simple recipes that are bound to work for just about everyone. Be sure to check this one out!

Vegan Yack Attack

The name of this site stems from Jackie’s nickname “Yack Attack.” She has tons of awesome recipes and is highly active on social media (her Instagram is @veganyackattack). She is always up to really interesting stuff and you’re sure to find something you like. Also, if you’re lucky enough, she actually teaches classes and attends events from time to time too. 

This Rawesome Vegan Life

Who said being vegan can’t be “Rawesome?” This blog is fantastic because not only do you get great recipes, but you also get to see and hear about some really cool places. Recently, Em took a trip to Ireland, which meant some awesome pictures and perspective for us readers. If you love global-inspired vegan food and awesome travel stories, definitely check this one out!

Your Vegan Boyfriend

Not only is this blog hilarious – It’s filled with great recipes, insights and information for anyone who wants to eat more plants. It’s a great site for people who are interested in veganism but have yet to make the jump. We love their social media accounts as well. Be sure to check out Your Vegan Boyfriend!

Allyson Kramer

The tagline for this site is “Gluten-Free, Plant-Based” which tells you a little bit about what you will find. This blog is comprised mainly of dessert recipes and is one of the first places you should stop if you’re in the mood for something sweet.

Minimalist Baker

This is the be all end all of vegan blogs! Expect to find all your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert recipes here. And with new recipes posted every three days, you’ll be sure to never run out of delicious new ideas.